Long before the Lone Star Motorcycle Museum was even a thought, Allan Johncock was heading in that direction. Originally from Adelaide, South Australia, Allan was riding motorcycles. First as a kid for fun and then later really as his only means of transportation. The bikes he purchased were used so learning how to keep them running was a must.

In 1964 he moved from Adelaide to Baytown, Texas and started working in the refineries with an interest in turbines. And then in the mid 70's after acquiring several patents for gas turbine speed controllers, he started his own business. 

After selling the business in the mid 90's, it was then that Allan could once again focus on his passion for mostly British motorcycles. Still living in the "concrete jungle" as he likes to refer to it, he and his wife, Debbie, started looking at property out where they enjoyed riding the most, which in this case was Vanderpool, Texas. Originally the museum was just a place to store motorcycles, lathes, mills, presses and other tools for restoration, but soon after, word got out and people started showing up to "kick the tires" and visit with Allan and Debbie. It was then that the Lone Star Motorcycle Museum was born.

Now with over 60 motorcycles on display, the museum has made it into several newspaper and magazine articles and people from all parts of the world come to re-live a small piece of history.